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     About KSW Displays
  The need for Flat Panel Displays is exploding as more and more manufacturers' applications require a visual interface and as the technology improves and costs decline.

Unfortunately, customers increasingly require additional features that the manufacturers cannot provide.  Such services include increasing brightness, adding anti-glare or anti-reflection film, and touch screen integration.  Customers need to keep their costs low and cannot add the resources required to complete the necessary integration.

KSW recognizes the inherent problems and was founded to to provide the services necessary to modify the FPD to meet customer needs and provide such ancillary products as cables, controller boards, inverters, and demo kits.  KSW is a complete service provider.

The Current Situation

Today there are large traditional electronics distributors as well as a few value add resellers that provide flat panel displays.  There are problems with each channel, however.


The very large electronics distributors typically distribute numerous lines and cannot focus on any one product group.  Thus, they typically cannot provide either the technical nor the logistics support for flat panel display designs.  And, they offer few, if any value add services; in fact, they typically contract any such service to a value add reseller. Consequently, they provide little help in cost reduction or increasing the speed to market.



Value add resellers often provide a level of technical support but are forced to purchase product from the large franchised distributors.  Thus, their costs tend to be higher and they offer no support in inventory management and logistics planning.  
The KSW Solution

KSW Displays offers a single resource providing a complete solution for our customers.  We are a stocking, franchised distributor that focuses on flat panel displays and can consequently offer technical support, logistics planning and expertise, and complete value add solutions.


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